Monday, November 24, 2014

Geeky Destination Files: Essen Spiel

Essen Spiel

Well it's been about a month since I hopped on a plane for what would be my first vacation away from the kids in 5 years!  Aside from getting a heck of a lot of sleep, my husband and I planned out a 2 week trip that combined both business and pleasure.

   The first leg of the trip was to Essen, Germany for the annual Internationale Spieltage.  While this was a working vacation for us, it would be a great destination for anyone who loves board games.  There is nothing quite like walking into the Messe Essen and seeing the sea of people playing board games.  The best part, a lot of them are families!  SPIEL is the largest convention for board games and it attracts a multitude of exhibitors, publishers, authors, illustrators and distributors who flock to the event to showcase their newest games, toys and comics.  This year an overwhelming 786 exhibitors traveled to ‘SPIEL’ in order to launch new products, meet with press and to meet the people who love playing their games.

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