Monday, November 10, 2014

Fist Bumps, Robot Hugs, and Microbots

  November marks the start to a few fabulous things.  The beginning of family gatherings, fabulous food, the Christmas season, and of course some great family movies.  This past weekend brought us the opening of Big Hero 6, the tale of a boy named Hiro who has a real knack for robotics.  His brother realizes his potential and encourages him to pursue his dreams by bringing new innovations to the world.  Unfortunately, a tragic event claims the life of his brother and leaves Hiro to navigate the world alongside his brother's invention, Baymax the lovable inflatable robot.  Soon a devastating event forces Hiro to transform his friends into a band of high-tech heroes and save the city.    

  Big Hero 6 is loosely based on a marvel comic of the same name, which has been infused with the magic of Disney animation.  Even though it is not the same as the comic and the characters have a very different look, the movie has been very well done.  Family, friends, action, drama, and of course the big robot, Baymax, make this movie an enjoyable film for the whole family.  Don't be surprised if your heart melts soon after Baymax's very first appearance.  Besides his non-threatening marshmallow of an appearance, his adorable naivety and selfless nature will capture your heart.  For these reasons, Big Hero 6 is proof that Disney will continue to produce great films.  The Disney revival is not yet over and I am eager to see what they will cook up next.  For now, Big Hero 6 will join the ranks of Wreck-it-Ralph, Tangled, and Frozen as some of my most favorite Disney Films.

If you haven't had the chance to see this film, I highly recommend that you do.  Just try to watch this trailer and not get excited. I dare you!

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