Sunday, June 5, 2011

X-Men Rebooted

Official Synopsis: "X-MEN: FIRST CLASS, following the classic Marvel mythology, charts the epic beginning of the X-Men saga. Before Charles Xavier and Erik Lensherr took the names Professor X and Magneto, they were two young men discovering their powers for the first time. Before they were archenemies, they were closest of friends, working together, with other Mutants (some familiar, some new), to stop the greatest threat the world has ever known. In the process, a rift between them opened, which began the eternal war between Magneto’s Brotherhood and Professor X’s X-Men.  The film also stars Rose Byrne, January Jones, Oliver Platt, and Kevin Bacon."

If you are like me, then you are probably expecting the latest chapter in the X-Men franchise to be a big fat disappointment.   As the mother of a son named Logan Xavier, my expectations of X-Men related films are to say the least a little high.  Well, I’m happy to report that X-Men: First Class was truly first class!   Everything from the great script to the wonderful cast (most notably James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender) made this X-Men film my favorite to date.  I loved the budding friendship between Charles and Erik.  The movie gave me a deeper look into the fuel behind Erik's anger and the upper-class life that Charles has been sheltered in.  There were moments when I was disgusted by the the actions of Charles and encouraged by the care Erik seemed to possess for others.  I knew how the friendship would ultimately end, but I still felt myself rooting for Erik, and secretly wanting him to make a different choice. 

I think what surprised me the most, aside from the fabulous cameo of Wolverine and his one-line response to recruitment, was the film's clever combination of an intriguing espionage story with a pleasing coming of age tale.  Even with all the teenage drama, the whole thing worked.  There were of course a few weak links, namely Angel and Darwin, but I am happy to say that almost all of the heroes received descent character arcs.  In the end, its a movie that is sleek and coherent, and it flies by despite its 2+ hour run time.  A definite must see for comic book and movie fans alike.

Stay tuned for our full podcast discussion in Games at the Theatre: X-Men First Class, a Myriad Games Presentation.

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