Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The return of a childhood favorite.

While sifting through my Facebook posts I discovered this little gem.  The Flintstones Animated TV Series is returning!  This beloved cartoon is set to air on FOX in 2013, and will be produced by Seth MacFarlane.  I definitely enjoy Family Guy, and have to wonder what the new Flintstones will become.  I immediately began to think "My son will be just the right age to enjoy the antics of Fred and Barney when this airs.  I can't wait to share this classic with him."  But I have my reservations.  Movies like The Parent Trap and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory were revamped, but I found I still preferred the originals.  Hopefully the revamp of this 1960's cartoon will live up to my expectations.  Only time will tell.

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