Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Holidays, Moving, and Plenty of Games

Welcome to 2012!  I know, I know...It's been a while.  Life's been a bit of a whirl wind and I am just now getting back into the swing of things.  December marked the rental of our first home, purchase of our second, Christmas (and with it all the travel), and the move into our NEW HOUSE!  Now that my family has finally settled in and Logan has his brand new room complete with big boy bed, I can get back to sharing my excitement of all things geeky :O)  Let me tell you, having a toddler out of his element and typical schedule for a month can be quite trying!!!

To start off this new year, I thought I would share the games I enjoyed with my family over the holidays. It was not as exciting as past years, but this year seemed to focus more on Family games that our WHOLE family could play.

The number one biggest hit of this Christmas was Tok Tok Woodman.  Similar to Jenga, but ohhh so much more fun!! Instead of sliding pieces and stacking them up, players use an ax to chop at the bark of the tree, taking care to leave the trunk intact.  My niece found this game particularly exciting and it was great that she could share a gaming experience with the adults (not always an easy thing to accomplish).

Hey That's My Fish was another hit this year.  Though it was nothing new for me or my husband, our family enjoyed it's light strategy.   In the game, each player moves their penguins across the ice in straight lines to gather fish.  Each time they leave an iceberg it disappears and creates a gap that cannot be crossed later.  The winner is the one who gathers the most fish before becoming trapped.  I couldn't believe we hadn't ever brought it.  I was such a perfect fit for our family.  I guess it's easy to miss games when you are engrossed in them all year long :0)

Logan was introduced to his first game this year too: Lucky Ducks: Sesame Street Edition.  When I saw it I could think of nothing more perfect for his first game.  There's nothing special about the game, but for Logan it had everything he could hope for...Duckies (his favorite animal) and Ernie (his favorite Sesame Street character)!  What more could we ask for!

Here's a list of some of the other games we enjoyed over the break.
Sorry Sliders
Time Line
Scrabble Flash Cubes
Flash Point
and of course Time's Up (one of our families most anticipated Christmas games!)

What games did you get to enjoy this year???


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