Thursday, August 11, 2011

Interview with Reiner Knizia

Dr. Reiner Knizia is a master game designer, and we had the opportunity to speak with him during Gen Con 2011.  We met at the Lego booth to learn a little more about his involvement with Lego's new board games.

 "What fascinates me the most is actually (Lego's) approach to say, uh, first of all we build the game, that's typical Lego. Now it's new, we play with the game. But then comes a very creative part, and then we change the game. So, there's always an invitation in each role of the game...because we are Lego you can rebuild the board you can rebuild the figures, you can redo the rules." -Reiner Knizia

"Of course it isn't a wooden die, it is a Lego die...In some of the games the die actually changes while you play." - Reiner Knizia

Dan: "So, they are encouraging future game designers. After they play, they can become the next Reiner Knizia."
Reiner: "Yes, why not?"

There is no doubt that Reiner is passionate about games.  His love for games and certain individual themes can be seen in many of his titles including, Star Trek Expeditions from Wizkids, The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings board game from Fantasy Flight Games, and Ramses Pyramid and Ramses Return from Lego.  To hear more about Reiner and his games, stay tuned for the new Board Game Documentary: Going Cardboard coming soon from Lorien Green.


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