Friday, July 8, 2011

Geeky Destination Files - Geeked-out Camping

Summer is here and it's time to think about enjoying that sun before it hides its head again.  All too soon we will be forced to spout those famous Stark family words, "Winter is Coming!"  This year, why not take a vacation that speaks to your geekier side.  Here is a look into one of my favorite summer destinations and why it is a great choice for gamers.

I love camping.  Not the "pull in the camper and hook up the cable" type camping, but REAL camping.  I'm talking tent on the ground and secluded from the world camping.  There is just something about living outdoors that gives me peace.  There are no cell phones, no emails, no computer, no electricity to plug into; It is the perfect un-plugged destination and a great way to de-stress.

For the past 8 years, camping has been a family tradition.  Over those years, we have tested several different venues, and recently fallen in love with the Berkshires.  It's secluded, it's quiet, and it accommodates our ever-growing group.  Oh, did I neglect to mention we travel in a large pack.  What started as a gathering of only a few close college friends, has grown into our own personal family gaming extravaganza!

Let me explain.

Yes, this is DUNE the Board Game!
One of the main reasons we started getting together was to Play Games!  It goes something like this...We arrive, set up camp (including our "House" made of screen tents), eat dinner, put the kids to bed, and begin to game.  For the next 9 days, gaming is a way of life.  We take turns watching the kids, and everyone has the chance to play.  We even keep track of our plays and record them for posterity.  It's amazing how many games you can play when you have no other cares in the world.  It's like our own mini unplugged gaming con! 

Here are some other fabulous reasons why you might choose camping as your next family vacation:

1) It's Cheap! - Our stay costs a whopping $2 a person per night and food comes in at about $4 per meal. Where else can you sleep and eat that cheap?

2) Your Children Sleep Well - In my experience, there is something about nature that helps kids sleep better.  My son has never slept so well in his life!  He goes to bed when the sun goes down and wakes up when the sun comes up. Nuff said.

3) You can sleep with a Tauntaun, play with Sonic Screwdrivers, and have Jedi Lightsaber Battles in the middle of the night.

I rest my case....

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  1. Camping sure is fun; my parents recently started customizing their motorhome by buying cool parts and accessories from Toy Hauler Parts. Our camping vacation has become a family hobby and annoyingly my dad refers us as an RVers family. Anyway,. We're actually planning to camp-out this thanks giving, do you have any place you can suggest? Thank you!